We were the first to produce roofing sheets with a coextrusion system, inventing and patenting the process that allows us to aggregate three layers of different material in a single sheet, with different characteristics specifically designed to increase the technical performance of the material.RENOLIT Tecno Imac was born in 2018 after the acquisition of Tecno Imac s.p.a. by RENOLIT Ondex s.a.s., a French company leader in the production of covering sheets in Bi-oriented PVC, and part of the RENOLIT Group.Driven by a young and dynamic management, it is constantly engaged in a process of innovation and optimization of production which, further developing the patent of Polimglass® (co-extruded thermoplastic material with remarkable performance characteristics), has allowed it to achieve excellent results and to place itself on the national and international market as leader for plastic roofing and coating systems.RENOLIT Tecno Imac s.r.l. is an ISO 9001 certified company since 2001.

Our group

From 2018 RENOLIT Tecno Imac is part of the RENOLIT group, a global player specializing in the production of sheets, films and other products in high quality plastic.