We have been manufacturing beautiful, lightweight and durable roof covering solutions and gutter systems for over 25 years.

Thanks to Polimglass®, a patented thermoplastic material and the new composite materials based on it, our sheeting assures exceptional performance in durability, strength and flexibility.

We were the first to produce sheets with a co-extrusion system. We invented and patented the process that allows a final product sheet to be composed of three layers of different materials, thus merging their individual characteristics to achieve a composite product with ultimate superior technical performance. Still today, after more than 25 years of continuous improvements, we pride ourselves on making the best thermoplastic roofing products and rainwater collection and disposal systems, exclusively at our factory in Italy.

Our history

Tecno Imac s.p.a. was founded in 1999 in Rome after the acquisition of Imac s.p.a. by a family of Roman entrepreneurs, already active in the international construction sector. Since then, the young and dynamic management team of Tecno Imac is constantly engaged in a process of innovation and product optimization. Moreover, Tecno Imac s.p.a. has consistently improved the patent for its Polimglass®, which is a coextruded thermoplastic material with remarkable performance characteristics. By virtue of this process, it has achieved excellent results and a significant place for themselves on the national and international market as the leader for roofing systems and plastic coating. Tecno Imac s.p.a. is ISO 9001 certified since 2001.

Our group

The Tecnobay Group is a dynamic and growing pool of companies, active in Italy and throughout the world, with the goal of developing and supplying construction products of the highest quality.